Ahrea Campaign 4: Return Of The Black Reign

Session 15: The Village of Alina and A Celebration

After their successful rescue of the Wind Goddess Nelas, the Company Of The Lighted Way decided to return to the city of Durden in order to receive their grand rewards for the effort. However, it became apparent the party became hopelessly lost within the woods despite the elves amongst them attempting to find the way back. Soon after it also became apparent that the party was being closely watched; as a band of wood elves surrounded the Company under the mistaken assumption that the party were allies to the Black Legion. However, thanks to some quick words from Ryhar and Zou and some gold pieces from Yaridovich, and several scouts that came from the Tower in order to report what they had seen; the Narrer soon warmed up to the Company of the Lighted Way and invited them to their village of Alina. Though Fiva was delighted to see hundreds upon hundreds of her kin, the next problem soon vexed the party – A lone hunter’s lodge supplied the village that had sprung up around it, and the owner had taken to charging extrodinary prices for butter and ale knowing the Narrer would not know any better.



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