Ahrea Campaign 4: Return Of The Black Reign

Session 16: Bounty Unpaid

After departing from Alina with several generous gifts from the wood elves; the Company continues on their way to return to the city of Durden. With several days of travel ahead, the party decides they have made good time already and elected to rest for the first night within the woods. In the morning after; remembering what they had heard about a nearby ruin; Aras, Yaridovich, and Zou decided it was best to look into the rumors, and took to looking for them. With the wood elf still asleep Aras decided it was best not to wake her; and found his companions Ryhar and K’Rena quite willing to join them in an carefree adventure; and so set off with them.

The rumors of a ruin were nothing to be believed; as the party found themselves traveling deep within a bear den. The bears were vicious but the party more so; and with a few scattered trinkets their hopes for finding anything useful were dashed. However; as they prepared to leave they were



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