Ahrea Campaign 4: Return Of The Black Reign

Session 22: Battle of the Isiward Wood

Party battles to enter Isiward Wood to get to the Temple of Elera.

After allowing Selea bedrest with her near fatal encounter; the party is now determined to return to the Temple Of Elera and prevent the goddess from falling victim to Vas. As the party sets off from Teregoth a platoon of paladins of the army escort them to their destination; knowing that the Company Of The Lighted Way is their best hope of seeing an end to this conflict. As they approach the Isiward Wood again, however; Iresoth and his men yet again attack the invaders, devastating the paladins the Company traveled with. A small band managed to venture forth into the Temple, however; and after successfully avoiding detection by the much larger forces of Iresoth’s brigades the party soon follows suit.



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