Ahrea Campaign 4: Return Of The Black Reign

Session 23: Temple of Elera

Surprisingly the Temple is left rather abandoned and without guards; though to K’Rena’s and Yaridovich’s misfortune they find that the Goddess Of Wood has a temple filled with plants able to kill an army on their own. As the two are split from the others; Aras, Fiva, Aya, and Zou wander into a giant greenroom sitting within an artificial pond. It turns out that this is not the best for them to have found; as during the combat that ensued with the enchanted forces the Legion had left behind for them Aras, Fiva, and Zou are all lost as they are sucked down into an aqueduct system within the pond. With Aya the only seeming survivor of the attack she is left to inform the others…to which K’Rena is heartbroken to hear. Undaunted by the apparent loss of his allies, however; Yaridovich encourages his younger remaining allies to follow him in search of the three who went missing.

Fortunately, the three were not drowned during their trip into the aqueducts; as they are eventually dropped into a lower level of the Temple. Having survived, Aras is dead set on finding a way back out; and his two companions agree with his notion. Zou finds himself entertaining Fiva with how easily he is able to lockpick doors; and as they further venture in the aqueduct accesses they find that they have awakened an Ataga resting within the stopped drainage one of the tunnels. With the Ataga attacking them with it’s tentacles and the troopers of the Black Legion arriving to dispatch them; Fiva, Zou, and Aras are hard pressed to survive the fight; but somehow manage. Having disposed of their foes and finding a few treasures the three struggle to find their way out; but still continue to draw the attention of further reinforcements of the Legion.



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