Aras final

Level 10 -
Strength: +3
Constitution: +2
Dexterity: +3
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: 0
Charisma: -1
HP: 111
AC: 17 (20 AC with Shield)

Statistics -
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 23
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 145lb.

Equipment -
Aeircris ( +2 Humancraft Sunsword, Gift from K’Rena )
Aestaes ( +2 Dwarven Flaming Longsword, Gift from Fiva )
Kinsir (Mastercraft Human Longsword)
Enor’s Shield ( +2 )
Elven Chain Shirt ( +1 )
Leather Armor ( +2 )
Light Crossbow ( +2 )
Inel’s Wand
Fiva’s Ruby
Tobacco Pipe
Tobacco Pouches


Aras is a Northman Fighter/Barbarian who fought with the Company Of The Lighted Way during the events of the Second War of The Black Reign. Over the course of his travels and battles across the entire continent of Ahrea, Aras has become a icon of sorts to the common people. Though most people in Southern Ahrea consider him a murderer and a criminal, the people of Northern Ahrea and particularly the elves of the Republic of Ia’Nellsa consider him a hero for his actions in his homeland. Aras does not care about his reputation other than his devotion to helping those in need, however, and is focused on helping win the war against the Legion of Vas in order to live a peaceful life with Fiva Ni Ole Os Mair.


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