Aya, The Red Witch -
Race: Human
Class: Magic User/Druid

Stats -
Strength: 8
Constitution: 9
Dexterity: 17
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 14

Age: 23
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’8
Weight: 120 lbs.


Aya was found as an orphan in the wastes of Revnal in Southern Ahrea, having been rescued by a dwarven wizard by the name of Ansos. Seeing as the child was left without any known parents Ansos took Aya and raised her as his own daughter, taking the girl to his personal retreat within the Divide of the Lands on the Northern Ahrea border.

As Aya grew older, Ansos took great joy in the fact that she seemed to have a latent magical energy flowing within her. Ansos took it upon himself to pass own his knowledge to the lass. Aya in turn grew rather comfortable wielding magical forces, and soon showed compentancy in all of the various schools of magic as she continued to study under her adoptive father.

Unfortunately, living underground in a small fortress with a dwarf as a father figure and her only company made it rather difficult forAya to relate to people later on in life. She had developed quite a few anti-social habits from Ansos and found it easier to study her books then it ever was to talk to another person. Indeed, her total isolation from others over the course of her life fueled one thing over most as she had no other goal to strive for – her desire was to become as powerful of a mage as humanly possible, or even more so – as she figured she could overcome her mortal limitations in order to do so.

As Aya had come of age, so had her skills in the casting of magic. Ansos counted her eighteenth birthday with a bit of regret, as he knew that he was no longer capable of teaching the young witch anything further that she did not know. It was at his urging that the witch came across the open lands of Ahrea above their home within the Divide of the Lands – Ansos giving Aya instructions to find the College of the Magics in the City of Durden. There was little else he could provide her, however, soon watched on as his adopted daughter went off into the world. Aya found her first time wandering the countryside of Southern Ahrea to be rather enlightening, never having felt grass under her feet until this point. Despite the inherient dangers of traveling alone Aya made her way to Durden, and with papers acknowledging Ansos’s approval she was admitted as a student within the college.

She found herself inaquately prepared for a life spent in the company of others, however, unsure as how to effectively communicate with her fellow students at the college and only feeling the desire to learn more then what she already had known. It was then that she found herself dabbling in the dark schools of magics that Ansos had repeatedly warned her about, having found ways to admit herself into the records late at night and pour over the old tomes with secrets about the more sinister nature of the magic that surrounded her. In particular she became quite enthused with learning about “blood” magic – whereas one would willingly give up part of their own lifeforce in order to empower their spells even further then naturally possible. Aya found it near impossible to control her urges in using this dark form of spellcasting, and nearly lost her life several times as she began continually performing dangerous rituals and conducting experiments of a nature that tore into her own wellbeing. Eventually the administers of the College of Durden became aware of Aya’s unethical work and in good concern expelled her from the College, the hope being that she would give up on such self destructive powers. Unfortunately it was not the case, however, as without the labs and tomes of the College she decided to head off own her own to conduct the research she had started.

The world beyond the stone walls she had been trapped in her entire life quickly became far too much to deal with, however, as the socially awkward witch found it impossible to find anyone who shared the interest for magic as she did or befriend them even if she had. Aya quickly became a hermit and a beggar during her time in Durden, unable to find work nor stand the simple-minded people she frequently came across in her travels.


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