Brenaver is an ancient white dragon, being a member of the first brood bred by Dasanar, God of Death. Sepna Austir and Vas were also among this first brood of dragons.

Unlike his hatchmates, however, Brenaver has taken to a unaligned view of the world – Not finding it worth destroying, but not worth going to any extreme lengths to save as well. He did sympathize with the peoples of Iellos, however, and did keep an eye over the world at large in order to see that it did not end prematurely.

During his travels above the world, he became well aquainted with Nelas, Goddess of the Winds.

During the 2nd War of the Black Reign and the capture of Nelas, it became apparent to Brenaver that his unaligned stance would no longer suffice as the elements of the Legion would surely allow for the eventual resurrection of Dasanar himself, and eventually the destruction of Iellos itself and his beloved Nelas. He aligned himself with the peoples of Ahrea, and though people spoke rumors of seeing a white dragon flying amongst the skies, they became surprised upon hearing of how the dragon had wiped out entire battalions of his draconic bastard kin.

Eventually he met with Aras of the Company of the Lighted Way within the Gradsel Wood, allowing the Monster Hunter and his company to enter the Temple of Nelas in order to retrieve her from the hands of the Black Legion. It was during this meeting that Aras and Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair realized that Brenaver was the white dragon they had seen leaving Ia’Nellsa almost a year prior (During the events of Ahrea Campaign 3). The Company was able to rescue the Goddess from the Legion with the white dragon’s help, and parted ways soon after.

However, during the 2nd siege of Castle Ahrea Brenaver returned in order to aid the Company as they became trapped within the castle itself, fighting off a number of dragons allied to Vas in order to allow them to reach safety. Indeed, Brenaver had seen it fit to reward them with a favor in return for their kindness towards him.

Currently, Brenaver’s whereabouts are unknown, and the Black Legion assumes that the old dragon was killed by the rising number of immature dragons they have spawned in order to combat such a threat.


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