Fiva Ni Ole Os Mair



Molos (2 Renel Ielrerian Longsword)
Vyraelys (Mundane Ielrerian Broadsword)
Light Ielrerian Chain Shirt (
1 to AC)
Leather Armor (+3 Enchanted Ielrerian Craft)


Fiva Ni Ole Os Mair (“The Light of Step”) is a wood elven Ranger who fought with the Company of the Lighted Way during the events of the Second War of The Black Reign. Also known as “The Knight Of The Free Winds” after her service to the Republic of Ia’Nellsa, Fiva is recognized as a heroine to her kin. Despite her duties as a Knight of Ia’Nellsa and her desire to see a peaceful end to the conflict, Fiva wishes to leave the continent of Ahrea altogether with Aras in search of a more peaceful life.

Fiva continued to follow Aras and Selea after their encounter with Sepna Austir, and found herself in the town of Corin to the Southwest. There she met Zou and Yaridovich, and though she was scared at first by the “devil man” and was at best weary of the Dakrahn; she put aside those differences to aid them in their travels. Soon enough she began to feel a close bond with the two, as all three felt as if they were outsiders who happened to be trapped in a land which did not care for them. In return, her skills with her bow were excellent, and they soon placed their trust in her accurate eye. However, despite Aras having taught her in the ways of swordplay, Fiva was not the best with her sword; which was something that Yaridovich saw to in order to prepare her for the dangers that they faced. Despite the relatively quiet adventures the party faced around the Southwest, Ahrea was plunged into a new war as the dragon god Vas had returned; and so the party ultimately was caught straight in the middle. Though the battles began to look more bleak and hopeless, Fiva never abandoned her dear friend Aras; and despite his protests joined him after he had decided to quest for the legendary sword Ravinal for the king. The two made for a rather interesting pair, as the elf frequently had to save her companion from trouble; and so often enough ended up in trouble herself. The rest of the party had grown to enjoy her company quite dearly, however; so there was never a moment that the party would consider leaving her to her fate. Unfortunately, once the party had reached Rosan they had stopped in order to help a wounded Vanrer; Aras in particular taking her with Selea to be healed. Fiva never did lose her grudge against the dark elves for what they had done to her village, and so felt deeply betrayed by her best friend. After another hard night of drinking she had wandered off alone to face another dark elf she had heard of in the tavern, believing she could win. Though the party was able to intervene, the dark elf Nath had almost killed her with a poisoned sword before they could reach. Ryhar managed to rescue her, however, and not wanting his good friend to die he took her back to Rosan. She almost died on the way, but held on for the one person she cared most about. When Aras learned of this he went off with the others to fight Nath, and Fiva was heartbroken to see that he had willingly gone off to fight for her knowing the odds against him and their friends were overwhelming. However, Aras kept his promise to return to her and did so. Overjoyed to see him she felt as if she wanted to confess what she had felt for him for so long, but ultimately decided for him to do so first; and was depressed upon him not doing so. Believing that what she felt was unrequited, she none the less still treasured the fact that he considered her his best friend; and despite the fact that the dark elf K’Rena had joined their party she returned in order to stay together with him and the rest of her friends. Once they had traveled to the Temple Of Aza in order to save the god of thunder from being slaughtered by the forces of Vas, Fiva gave the party a vital edge against the hydra that faced them; and also rescued her dear friend from death as Aras faced off against Zanthros, inflicting a near mortal wound on Vas’s field commander as he attempted to smash Aras down with his warhammer. To this day the party still travels to find the sword Ravinal and end the war against Vas, and hopefully this little wood elf will survive to see the end of it.

Fiva Ni Ole Os Mair

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