King Windsor the 2nd


The current king of the Ahrea Kingdom, Windsor the 2nd’s rule almost covers the entire continent, minus the two isles surrounding Ahrea and the lands surrounding the elven city of Ia’Nellsa.

During the 2nd War of the Black Reign, Windsor was captured during the first siege of Castle Ahrea. Though it seemed as if he was to be executed within the Shadows by his captors, his fate was changed when a small band of fighters led by Aras the Monster Hunter entered the Shadows and retrieved him successfully.

When it became immient that war was to break out between the free peoples of Ahrea and the Black Legion of Vas, it was King Windsor that authorized the creation of the Company of the Lighted Way, naming them after the original Band of Light that had saved the continent and kingdom nearly 40 years prior and tasking the new company with finding the sword Ravinal. Regardless, Windsor did not believe that this company would be successful in their mission and set about preparing for what he saw as the inevitable defeat of his kingdom.

It was three months later after the creation of the company before Windsor saw Aras and his allies again, this time the Monster Hunter and his band arriving to Castle Ahrea to watch it fall to the Legion. However, the Company of the Lighted Way was able to stall the enemy long enough so that Windsor was able to escape to safety.

Currently, King Windsor resides in King’s Cove, a heavily guarded fortress hidden within the Divide of the Lands and his last line of defense. Though he has met with various ambassadors of the other continents, it became apparent that help would not arrive to aid Ahrea, or at least in any number that would matter. The King has since taking to preparing for the collapse of his rule, and hopes dearly that Vanatos of the Legion will spare his life after the inevitable surrender.

King Windsor the 2nd

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