Kras was a fighter who hails from the continent of Norncrast to the west, and was the son of a Black Legion knight. He had lived the majority of his life in Norncrast and had fought against the army that his father had served in, however after the death of his partner Iea’Ve, Kras soon became embittered and solely interested in following the Legion where they went in order to seek vengeance for her death. Once he had heard rumors that the Black Legion troops stationed in Norncrast were mounting to send invasion forces to the continent of Ahrea in AC1262, he and his remaining companions quickly went about following suit.

Aras and his companion Gorg met Kras in a tavern in the city of Durden, Aras being fresh from a ball held in the Company of the Lighted Way’s honor and after having offended both Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair and K’Rena Shi Os Aeir in the same night. Kras informed the younger swordsman of the rather harsh reality of the life Aras was beginning to live, telling him to expect neither of the two elven maidens to survive the ongoing conflict with the Black Legion of Vas. Not amused by Aras’s rebuttals, Kras departed the tavern after stating that most likely the younger swordsman would end up dead as well. Gorg reassured his friend that things would be okay, but Aras has remembered this conversation for a long time afterwards.

The Company of the Lighted Way once again encountered Kras and his companions Luccia and Alia in the town of Yaegstad, which had come under siege by the Black Legion several days after Aras’s first meeting with the sellsword. The Company had suffered the loss of their ally Alahar, as the paladin had gone missing during the battle and was soon confirmed captured by a messenger from the Legion. Selea was devastated by the news, and was not reassured at all by Kras, who informed the Company as a whole that it was a futile effort to wait and expect that the Legion would release the paladin to them. Despite the sellsword’s rather nihilistic thoughts of the situation having demoralized the Company, Aras and Yardic disregarded Kras and commanded the Company to stay within Yaegstad until Alahar was freed. The next day Alahar was returned to the Company as Field Commander Zanthros of the Legion had the paladin relay a message informing the company to surrender. Kras was satisfied to hear that Aras and the rest of his company declined the invitation to surrender, and soon departed to Northern Ahrea with Luccia and Alia in order to continue his own fight against the Legion.

As of late AC1262 it is unknown what happened to Kras and his companions Luccia and Alia after their last meeting with the Company of the Lighted Way, and it is assumed that they were lost in combat against the Black Legion of Vas on the way to Northern Ahrea.


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