Ahrea Campaign 4: Return Of The Black Reign

Session 0: The Prologue

After the events of the Lone Mountain Sidestory, Aras, Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair, and [[:selea | Selea are hired by a gnome named [[:gras | Gras]] to accompany him on a quest to the Ruins of Havga in the Gradnel Wood. He has heard of various treasure that still remains there, and so they journey off in search of it with [[:gras | Gras’s other sellswords [[:adar | Adar]], [[:tadas | Tadas, and [[:frum | Frum]].

As Gras’s company continues into the Ruins of Havga, they come under attack by a band of Dakans that are also in search of the treasures inside. During the combat that ensues Tadas and Adar are killed, Gras manages to find the treasure he is looking for. The Ruins begin to collapse, however, and Aras is unable to convince the gnome to leave his newfound treasure. Aras and his remaining companions flee the now unstable ruins, though they lose Frum after he too is crushed under a pillar knocked down by the cave in.

With his latest quest for gold being for naught and now being haunted by the deaths of those that went into Havga with him, Aras decides it is time to head further south as mercenary work is hard to come by in the Durden region. Despite being shaken up by her experiences as well, Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair continues to follow him, and Selea has developed a bit of a crush on Aras after he had saved her from the collapsing ruins.

Session 9: Teregoth and the Noelsal Ruins

The party heads on to the town of Teregoth, basically dragging along the badly wounded Aya, Aras, and Fiva behind them. Luckily they manage to get the three of them healed by the local priest, and this old fellow member of the Order of Ayer personally sees Selea through a rough spiritual patch. In the morning the party is in better health and spirits, and find out from the local guard that Captain Diagus and his riders had intercepted another brigade of Iresoth’s; literally destroying the Legionnaires as they had gotten trapped once the party had taken back Fort Bragus from the Legion’s control. After a good night of drinking afterwards, the party continues on to Rosan, and comes across the old High Elf community of Noelsal. The town has decayed for hundreds of years and is just mere ruins, but the party ventures inside; almost losing Aras and Fiva again when they fall prey to a cave-in and end up surrounded by insectoid beasts known as Nocsune (Night Worms). Luckily for those two, the rest of the party comes to their aid; and Zou and Aya set their enemies ablaze. Afterwards, Zou tends to Aya’s continued interest in learning under his wing; to which the warlock is amused.

Session 12: The Temple Of Aza

As the days turn into almost a week since the party had left to Nar’Sana; Fiva has begun to waste away from heartbreak, refusing to eat or drink as it has occurred to her that Aras had not lived up to his promise.

Feeling extreme guilt for his own love for her, but understanding her needs and definitely not wanting for her to die; Ryhar decides to set off to Nar’Sana to find their allies. In the middle of the Rosan Deadlands he comes across an Ataga (Dasanar’s Hand), a giant ground-dwelling beast with 8 tentacles and a ever hungry maw. He nearly dies in the fight against it as it knocks him off of his horse; but he pulls through in order to kill it singlehandedly.

Witness to this is the rest of the Company, who came to see the cause of the commotion within the deadlands on their return to Rosan. Having found his friend, Ryhar informs Aras of Fiva’s condition, and without hesitation Aras sets off ahead of the group to reach her. Upon their arrival to Rosan Aras immeadiately heads to see Fiva, who is overjoyed by his return. As the rest of the group takes Ryhar with them back to the tavern; Aras stays behind to tend to his still wounded elf friend. He’s almost tempted to tell her how he really feels, but remembers the one night he had tried to months ago and so decides not to press the issue on Fiva; having the impression that whatever he feels is unrequited. As he lets her sleep and leaves, however; he finds K’Rena outside, who had been listening in on him and Fiva the whole time and confronts him about his feelings for the wood elf.

After their discussion the two come back across the rest of the party, and despite Zou’s concern about Aras’s apparent depressed manner, the monster hunter brushes off Zou’s questions. However, all relatively seems to be well in the morning; and after receiving a rather chipper Fiva back into the party they set off to the north after asking around where to inform the knights of Ahrea about the forces of Lady Kala. Fiva is still disturbed by K’Rena’s presence though she knows it is for the best; but the Narrer keeps an eye on her new dark elf companion while they travel on. They reach Fort Salas where the Rosan Guard is stationed, and as they find out the guard is all too aware of Lady Kala; as her brigades travel in plain sight to the far north towards the Divide Of The Lands. Unable to do anything in regards to the massive amount of troops at Lady Kala’s disposal, the party decides to return to their original goal: The Temple Of Aza, the God Of Lightning; which lays to the north west across the Arcele River.

Session 11: The Republic of Nar'Sana

Party enters Nar’Sana so Aras and K’Rena can have their revenge on Nath.

Session 10: The Maiden With the Blood of Hope

The Company of the Lighted Way reaches the city of Rosan, nestled in the center of Southern Ahrea.

The Company meets K’Rena Shi Os Aeir here, as the Vanrer (Dark Elf) lies mortally wounded in the streets after an altercation with an unknown assailant. Despite Content Not Found: fiva-ni-oele-os-mair_’s wishes, Aras and _Content Not Found: selea go out of their way to aid the dark elf, as Aras cannot force himself to let this elf die on the streets and Selea feels much the same way.

Session 8: The Crypt Of The River and Fortress Bragus

The group heads to the east after hearing that they can get their weapons repaired and possibly get more useful supplies in the eastern city of Rosan. Along the way as they cross the bridge, however, they come across a Crypt which had not been there before. Fiva in particular senses something horribly wrong with the new structure, and so the party goes in to investigate. They find nothing of interest as it is completely empty and void of furnishings; however Fiva still continues to hear voices in some sort of language she cannot understand. Unable to do anything at the moment in regards to the Crypt, they continue onwards.

Continuing on the way to Rosan, the party encounters a scout party of the Legionnaires, and upon seeing that they are retreated to an old ruined fort decide to give chase. They come across Iresoth again, who reveals himself to Alahar. Horrified to see his old master as a vanguard for the Legion, but sworn to his duty, Alahar engages with Iresoth as the party fights off against the brigade of Legionnaires they have found. Aya is badly wounded by a knight’s lance, but continues on inside the fort as the party raids them. Inside the party finds themselves in a near deadly battle, as Iresoth commands a dragon himself and his own personal bodyguard of Dakrahn (Dragon Men). But despite Aya, Aras, and Fiva all nearly getting killed; Zou and Yaridovich fend off the enemy and see to it that their allies live for the next day.


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