Ahrea Campaign 4: Return Of The Black Reign

Session 7: The Formation of the Company Of The Lighted Way

The morning after soon gives way to the next move of Vas and his legion; as the dragon’s avatar Vanatos personally transports his grand tower from the shadows right onto the island in the middle of Lake Ahrea. This action alone claims the lives of hundreds in the town of Sonava as the tower appears on top of it; and it appears that Ahrea is now on the brink of war again. The King is already doubting that such a effort will go in Ahreas’ favor, as the hero Agnoth has disappeared along with the sword Ravinal…and with it’s sister sword Gwenthal having been taken personally by Vanatos during the siege of the castle, it would seem that there is no way to directly harm the spirit of Vas. However, seeing that everything he loves would be destroyed if Ahrea was to fall under the Black Reign; including his dear friend Fiva, Aras steps forth and personally volunteers to quest for Ravinal. The others soon agree to join him in this quest, and the paladin Alahar is allowed to join their quest seeing that Selea was a childhood friend and that Sir Gardnel wishes no harm to fall upon her. Together the group is dubbed the Company Of The Lighted Way in honor of the original Band of Light, and so they depart to go in search of the Sword of the Roaring Hellfires. Despite the foolhardy band of adventurers he has sent out, King Windsor has already fallen to despair, and dispatches his messengers to locate the old wizard Soros, an old companion of Agnoth and member of the Band of Light.

Unsure as where to go to find the sword Ravinal, the party decides to head back to Norvale for one last night of merriment before going on this most likely deadly quest. On the way, however, Selea has a sense of some greater power calling out to her and she wanders off; and as the rest of the party follows behind her they come across the god Ayer himself. He informs them of how he had intervened during their journey into the Shadow Realm, and that even now the other lesser gods and goddesses of the land are in danger of being slaughtered by Vas and his minions. He requests of the party that they go in search of the Parthenon’s temples scattered around Ahrea, and defend the gods from being captured and killed by the Legion. Ayer does offer what assistance he can by holding the Vas himself at bay, but without the others it is becoming a losing battle. With the increased scope of the war unfolding around them, Aras and the others agree to assist the gods; and continue on to Norvale to plan their next move. Along the way they also come across the old wizard Adgar, Aras’s old mentor. The wizard knows of the dangers the group will soon face and offers his assistance as an advisor, to which the party agrees. The night is spent back in Norvale, with Fiva and Ryhar having managed to secure several caskets of ale for all; though despite the elven antics the rest of the group are less sure of how successful they will be in aiding the fight against the Black Legion. However, they know they must do whatever they can, and in the morning set off.

Session 6: The Siege Of Castle Ahrea and The Hatchery Of Naz Adur

The Black Legion makes their move first, as the combined forces of the commanders Iresoth and Lady Kala lay siege to the castle of the king. Captain Diagus is startled by this surprise attack, and enlists the help of Aras, Zos, Yardic, and their companions in order to aid King Windsor the 2nd. The Southern Riders manage to break through the Black Legion’s lines in order to guard the castle from inside the courtyard, and as Ryhar stays behind to aid them and his new friend Alahar; the party goes in the castle itself to deal with the invaders harassing the King. They succeed in clearing the castle, however find themselves face to face with the grand commander of the Legion – Lord Vanatos, the physical embodiment of Vas. Aras foolishly attempts to confront the dark lord but is casually brushed aside, as Vanatos and his men take away the king and the sister sword of Ravinal, Gwenthal. Unable to let this happen without intervention, the rest of the party agrees to join Aras as they jump into the rift that the dark lord had passed through in order to reach the realm of the shadows.

As the battle for Castle Ahrea continues to rage on between Captain Diagus’s forces and the Legion’s commanders Iresoth and Lady Kala; the party finds themselves in the Shadows, home of the Black Legion of Vas and where it is said to be the origin of the dragons themselves. Hoping to save the King, the party comes across a hatchery…and inside they find themselves surrounded by goblins and dragons alike. Their bonds of friendship are tested to their utmost, but the party sees it through and manages to retrieve King Windsor the 2nd. They are soon again overwhelmed by a vast number of imps that face them, but the god Ayer personally intervenes on their behalf due to Content Not Found: selea’s prayers, crumbling the building around them in order to allow the party to escape.

Session 5: A Hint Of Greater Destiny

The party comes across their first skirmish against the dark knights that have wandered the land…and indeed Yardic’s fears have come to light. The Black Legion of Vas has come across the voids separating the world from the shadows…and have come to claim Ahrea as their own. The party receives the advice to go to Fort Rhina to the southeast to inform the Southern Riders of Ahrea of the impending threat, and set off. Along the way, however; they meet a young witch girl named Aya, who after being left behind by her so called “idiotic” companions wishes to join the party on their way. After some deliberation, Zos is pleased to take a new student of the magic arts under his wing, and the rest of the party agrees. Together they head to Fort Rhina, and when they come across it they find Aras and Content Not Found: fiva-ni-oele-os-mair old friend Ryhar resting at the fort; to the delight of the two. With their old ally at their side the group sees Captain Diagus of the Riders, who is more then horrified at the new found threat against his men and the country itself. Night sets as they deliberate their next move…


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