Ahrea Campaign 4: Return Of The Black Reign

Session 21: Ambush of the Isiward Wood

Party enters Isiward Wood, Selea is nearly killed.

Session 24: The Battle of Agen

Party arrives to Agen
Ryhar’s mother is killed in initial battle, Company retreats civilians to local church.
Aras heads out alone to face off against Zanthros’ battalion, holds off a number before party becomes involved in total battle.
Yunea is killed in battle.
Adgar and Gorg arrive with Southern Riders, Zanthros’ unit is disengaged.
After Yunea’s burial, party assures themselves they must continue on to the Desert of Narnas in order to visit the temple of Gwersha. Ryhar holds Aras accountable for Yunea’s death.

End of Campaign 4 as party sets off to Narnas.

Session 23: Temple of Elera

Surprisingly the Temple is left rather abandoned and without guards; though to K’Rena’s and Yaridovich’s misfortune they find that the Goddess Of Wood has a temple filled with plants able to kill an army on their own. As the two are split from the others; Aras, Fiva, Aya, and Zou wander into a giant greenroom sitting within an artificial pond. It turns out that this is not the best for them to have found; as during the combat that ensued with the enchanted forces the Legion had left behind for them Aras, Fiva, and Zou are all lost as they are sucked down into an aqueduct system within the pond. With Aya the only seeming survivor of the attack she is left to inform the others…to which K’Rena is heartbroken to hear. Undaunted by the apparent loss of his allies, however; Yaridovich encourages his younger remaining allies to follow him in search of the three who went missing.

Fortunately, the three were not drowned during their trip into the aqueducts; as they are eventually dropped into a lower level of the Temple. Having survived, Aras is dead set on finding a way back out; and his two companions agree with his notion. Zou finds himself entertaining Fiva with how easily he is able to lockpick doors; and as they further venture in the aqueduct accesses they find that they have awakened an Ataga resting within the stopped drainage one of the tunnels. With the Ataga attacking them with it’s tentacles and the troopers of the Black Legion arriving to dispatch them; Fiva, Zou, and Aras are hard pressed to survive the fight; but somehow manage. Having disposed of their foes and finding a few treasures the three struggle to find their way out; but still continue to draw the attention of further reinforcements of the Legion.

Session 22: Battle of the Isiward Wood

Party battles to enter Isiward Wood to get to the Temple of Elera.

After allowing Selea bedrest with her near fatal encounter; the party is now determined to return to the Temple Of Elera and prevent the goddess from falling victim to Vas. As the party sets off from Teregoth a platoon of paladins of the army escort them to their destination; knowing that the Company Of The Lighted Way is their best hope of seeing an end to this conflict. As they approach the Isiward Wood again, however; Iresoth and his men yet again attack the invaders, devastating the paladins the Company traveled with. A small band managed to venture forth into the Temple, however; and after successfully avoiding detection by the much larger forces of Iresoth’s brigades the party soon follows suit.

Session 20: The Fall of Castle Ahrea

Party ensures King is saved.

Session 19: The Call From The Crypt of The River

Aya must be helped across the Arcele River
Party comes nearby the Crypt of the River, Piper manages to call Fiva, Ryhar, K’Rena to it’s services.
Party defeats Piper before he is able to drive the elves mad.

Session 18: The Battle of Yaegstad

Company comes across news that Yaegstad is battling the Black Legion
Aras kills Black Dragon
Alahar captured by BL
Word comes to party that The Riders of the Southern Guard and the Order of Ayer attempted an assault on Vas’ Tower, however it was a total failure.
Party becomes aware of an impending siege on Castle Ahrea and head there to intervene.

Session 17: One Last Night of Peace

After arriving back to the city of Durden; Yaridovich leads the Company straight to the mayor of the city; who decides to throw a ball in honor of the Company for having taken care of the Black Legion troops that had been in prime position to attempt a siege of the old Cobblestone City. The party met to this news with mixed results; Selea and Alahar finding it very approriate, and Yaridovich wishing to use it as an opportunity to meet face to face with the local government and sway them to their favor…and Ryhar found an excuse to drink himself into a stupor. On the other hand; Fiva had no idea what the concept of a “formal” ball meant, Aras had no use for dances in general, and Zou and Aya were flat out uninterested with such an event. Regardless; the party decided to attend the ball anyways.

Imeadiately after their arrival the other attendees were horrified with the state of their guests of honor (As Fiva wore her tattered sundress, after just barely being talked out of making a dress out of leaves by Aras; and himself not wearing anything more formal than his regular wears), and even more so when the wood elf started to dig roses out of the mayor’s garden to wear and to pin onto Aras; much to the fighter’s and the local guards’ dismay. Aya, Zou, and Gorg immeadiately began consuming the drink, as did Ryhar; and the four began becoming increasingly intoxicated over the course of the night; not being interested in the silly dances that were being held. Selea and Alahar quick went to their own devices of dancing the night away, and wanting to replicate their success Aras wished to dance with Fiva; though he soon found out again that it is nigh impossible to dance with the wood elven ranger, and found a way to trip over her short dress. Yaridovich carried on speaking with the local members of the Durden elite, though after his attempts at gaining political favor he found himself rather disappointed in the rather carefree nature of the local government; who were content to just throw balls for themselves every week for fun rather than focus on the much more serious matter of the Black Legion.

In the meantime, after having lost faith in the men of Durden Yaridovich went about finding his allies; finding that K’Rena was standing off to herself far away from anyone else in attendance; content with just sipping on wine…though she requested that the dragonman bring her more; which Yaridovich obliged, though he noticed that she was staring off towards the fighter and the ranger making fools of themselves. The rest of the party continually ran into the dark elf who repeated her requests of more drinks; and soon she piled a tray of wineglasses next to her. When Aras finally noticed she was in attendance and went to converse with her; he found himself being surrounded by the wine she was now offering him, and obliged to drink…finding himself a bit tipsy afterwards. Finding comfort with her friend she requested that he leave with her; to which without really thinking the consequences of his actions Aras agreed to. Eventually as they walked around the town at night, Aras determined that the dark elf had wanted to have danced with him, and after finding that she had no dress; immeadiately took her to find a tailor to get her one (an offer he had given to Fiva before the party; but the wood elf declined), as an act of friendship. With Aras down 100 gold pieces and with K’Rena up one fanciful red dress, the two decided it was time to return to the ball; but not before the dark elf began holding the fighter’s hand on the way back; to which Aras was unsure as what to feel.

Unfortunately, as far as his return to the event Aras realized he had deeply offended Fiva with his absence, as he had been gone a couple hours with K’Rena; and the wood elf stormed off without Aras being able to interject. Horrified over what he had done on accident; K’Rena reassured him not to worry and to just dance with her instead, to which the fighter had not much choice…which went all according to the plan the dark elf had. In the meantime the rest of the party had gathered for drinks on the balcony; with Zou, Aya, and Adgar showing off their magical skills if a bit haphazardly to Yaridovich; with Gorg and Ryhar watching on contently as they pursued their own vices. After Fiva joined them and told them of Aras’s incompetence, the witch did feel some pity for the elf and proceeded to feed the elf as much ale the wood elf could stomach; though it was obvious to Aya that Fiva was deeply hurt in some way that she was unable to help with. Selea and Alahar eventually tired out themselves of dancing and joined the others; with Alahar being disgusted in regards to Aras’s actions after hearing about them. After gathering up the courage to deal with his personal problems Aras did eventually excuse himself from K’Rena’s presence to hunt down Fiva and explain him; though his apologies did not hold much sway with her. The two went to talk through their issues in private on top of the building; to which K’Rena became disappointed with and apparently retired for the night; the other members of the party following suit…though Zou and Aya stayed around to finish off the remaining drinks in the hall.

Out on their little perch Aras and Fiva talked out their current differences, with the two mending up their rather strained friendship as of late due to the dark elf’s interference. Indeed, despite his earlier poor results with asking her months ago in the tavern at Yaegstad; Aras gathered up his wits and informed Fiva that he loved her, hoping that she would actually remember what he had said this time around. Fiva had a less than favorable reaction, and told him she could not commit to such a request…though she was unable to particularly word why she could not. With that the elf decided to head down for the night, and though she had promised to Aras before leaving that she would not let his advance effect her; she secretly wept through the rest of the night in her bed, unsure of why she was unable to say yes.

Completely crushed by the rejection; Aras went to see if K’Rena was still up at such a late hour; though he found her quarters empty. Unsure of where she was, the fighter headed his way down to the local tavern…yet again meeting the man in black plate, Kras. The two traded stories over much more ale than Aras needed; and though Kras was quick to insult Aras’s general unawareness of the larger issues at hand, the fighter was saved by Gorg; who retorted Kras to a standstill. Regardless; Aras still felt depressed over his night, and continued on drinking with his less than favorable company. The others of the Company, on the other hand, were all quite asleep by this time; save for Zou and Aya who had went about sightseeing…and K’Rena; who found herself sneaking into the general store she had seen the Sunsword Aras had wanted. Without hesitation she managed to steal it away, and though some of the town guard gave chase after her retreat from the store she managed to escape quite easily; and was content to cry tears of pure joy after having found such a useful item amongst the rooftops. After naming it Aeircris, the dark elf was content to call it a night; finding the sword a comfort to hold during the night.

Session 16: Bounty Unpaid

After departing from Alina with several generous gifts from the wood elves; the Company continues on their way to return to the city of Durden. With several days of travel ahead, the party decides they have made good time already and elected to rest for the first night within the woods. In the morning after; remembering what they had heard about a nearby ruin; Aras, Yaridovich, and Zou decided it was best to look into the rumors, and took to looking for them. With the wood elf still asleep Aras decided it was best not to wake her; and found his companions Ryhar and K’Rena quite willing to join them in an carefree adventure; and so set off with them.

The rumors of a ruin were nothing to be believed; as the party found themselves traveling deep within a bear den. The bears were vicious but the party more so; and with a few scattered trinkets their hopes for finding anything useful were dashed. However; as they prepared to leave they were

Session 15: The Village of Alina and A Celebration

After their successful rescue of the Wind Goddess Nelas, the Company Of The Lighted Way decided to return to the city of Durden in order to receive their grand rewards for the effort. However, it became apparent the party became hopelessly lost within the woods despite the elves amongst them attempting to find the way back. Soon after it also became apparent that the party was being closely watched; as a band of wood elves surrounded the Company under the mistaken assumption that the party were allies to the Black Legion. However, thanks to some quick words from Ryhar and Zou and some gold pieces from Yaridovich, and several scouts that came from the Tower in order to report what they had seen; the Narrer soon warmed up to the Company of the Lighted Way and invited them to their village of Alina. Though Fiva was delighted to see hundreds upon hundreds of her kin, the next problem soon vexed the party – A lone hunter’s lodge supplied the village that had sprung up around it, and the owner had taken to charging extrodinary prices for butter and ale knowing the Narrer would not know any better.


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