Battle of Kindom Ahrea

Kingdom Of Ahrea Legion Of Vas
Commanders and Leaders
Captain Grendur Field Commander Zanthros
Captain Iders Field Commander Angen
Captain Diagus
Sir Gardsol
Sir Gardol
12,000 men 26,000 men
Casualties and Losses
8,116 men 7,271 men

Major Events of the Battle of Kingdom Ahrea

Decisive Victory for the Legion of Vas.
King Windsor the 2nd was successfully rescued during the battle and was escorted to the King’s Cove by Adgar, Gorg, Sir Gardsol, and Captain Diagus.
The Company of the Lighted Way was routed from their destination of the Temple of El


Mardas (May)AC 1262 was a period of utter chaos for the Kingdom Ahrea, as the Second War of the Black Reign had cut massive swaths of destruction upon the continent. Multiple Divisions of the Kingdom Ahrea were scattered and without communication with one another, leading to the victories of the Legion of Vas and their occupation of the Southwestern half of the continent. To the Southeast, Lord Vanatos had erected his personal quarters upon the island town of Sonava in the Great Lake of Ahrea after transporting it from the Shadows – having destroyed the town in the process, and opening a third front to the war. With a massive amount of Draconians moving inland after their successful conquest of Nothern Ahrea, the mainland of Southern Ahrea was besieged from three sides.

King Windsor the 2nd gave the orders to continue to hold onto whatever territory his Kingdom still entailed – despite the earlier losses of the entire Northern Ahrea landmass, the city of Neras, and the towns of Corin and Norvale. Despite the majority of his Divisions having been spread across the continent and unable to be mobilized quickly, King Windsor the 2nd gambled that Lord Vanatos would not attempt to force an endgame to a war that was only two months long.

In a desperate attempt to force an end to the war quickly, King Windsor the 2nd had sent out multiple bands of mercenaries in order to reclaim Ravinal – Otherwise known as the Sword of the Roaring Hellfires. It was believed that the ancient black dragon Vas had been revived, and it was assumed that only the sword that had killed him previously would be the requirement to win the war. Upon hearing word that The Company of the Lighted Way headed by Aras the Green Swordsman and Alahar of the Riders of the South had achieved quick success in fighting off Legion units and recruiting the aid of several deities, King Windsor the 2nd was relieved by the amount of troops the Legion had routed in order to deal with the single mercenary band. After receiving intelligence that stated Vas was not ressurrected but merely contained within Lord Vanatos, King Windsor the 2nd decided to end the war before the Legion could react.

Hoping that The Company of the Lighted Way proved enough of a distraction, King Windsor the 2nd sent the Order of Ayer headed by Sir Gardsol and the Riders of the South headed by Captain Diagus in order to storm Lord Vanatos’s Keep upon Sonava and eliminate the Lord himself. Despite their best intentions, the assault was a failure as Lord Vanatos had erected a magical barrier around his Keep and eliminated the Order of Ayer and the Riders of the South with an overwhelming counterattack of his own.

As the remaining survivors of both units returned to Castle Ahrea after the failed assault, it quickly became apparent that the Legion units around the Isiward Wood and the Great Lake were preparing for a massive attack towards the direction of the castle. Concerned for the health of King Windsor the 2nd, Captain Diagus quickly sent messengers around the continent to gather whatever support that could be spared to defend the Kingdom itself.

Word of the Battle for Sonava and the plans of the Legion arrived a week afterwards to Aras and the rest of the Company of the Lighted Way, who had just survived the battle for Yaegstad and successfully prevented the town from falling to Legion occupation. Selea was devastated by the news, though grateful her father Sir Gardsol had survived the battle.

Aras, however, was greatly concerned with the reprocussions of the potential loss of King Windsor the 2nd. He realized that the pardon that the King had granted him and Fiva Ni Ole Os Mair would be null and void upon the King’s death, and that Alahar was quite willing to perform vigilante justice in the absence of an actual King upon the throne. Concerned for the lives of Fiva Ni Ole Os Mair, K’Rena Shi Os Aeir, and Aya in the event Alahar was to act rogue without a need to uphold his code of honor, Aras quickly routed the Company to aid in the defense of the King – Despite the insistance of Yardic, Zos,Adgar, and Gorg that he should not lead them into a losing battle.

At the same time, King Windsor the 2nd realized the folly of having attempted to have Lord Vanatos assassinated, as the few hundred remaining survivors of the Order of Ayer and Riders of the South informed him of the impending threat. Desperate to save his Castle and capital city from the invaders, the King quickly sent the orders for all available soldiers to return to the Castle to defend it. The call was not unheard, as the remaining 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 21st, 27th, and 31st Divisions arrived within days to defend Castle Ahrea. However, it became apparent that the 12,000 men and women that had been gathered to defend the Castle were desperately overwhelmed, as recon scouts estimated that the Legion had at least double the amount of forces that the Kingdom had compiled. Realizing that his Kingdom was doomed to fall against the superior enemy, King Windsor the 2nd prepared to escape to the King’s Cove within the Sea of Mists. However, he was informed that the escape routes from the Castle had now been covered by several of the enemy Legion Divisions, and realized that he was trapped within his castle.

Battle of Kindom Ahrea

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