Battle of Neras

Kingdom Of Ahrea Legion Of Vas
Commanders and Leaders
Commander Renda (KIA) Field Commander Itern (KIA)
Commander Finan (KIA) Field Commander Iresoth
Commander Trennus (KIA Field Commander Jurend (KIA)
Commander Vianen (KIA)
Captain Krender
Captain Renns
4,000 men 30,000 men
Casualties and Losses
3,479 men 4,093 men

Major Events of the Battle of Neras

Decisive Victory for the Legion of Vas.
The Port City of Neras falls to the Legion of Vas. The Legion occupies Neras for the remainder of the war.
The 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Divisions of the Kingdom Ahrea are completely eliminated during the battle of Neras. It is a defeat that Kingdom Ahrea is unable to absorb, and the Southwestern front remains occupied by the Legion of Vas until the end of the war.
Captain Renns of Ahrea is honored for his conduct during the Battle of Neras, having overseen the general retreat of the 520 other remaining Ahrea troopers and an estimated 2,000 civilians before Neras fell to the Legion. He is quickly promoted to Commander of the Green Guard Battalion, and is transferred to oversee Fort Bragus after the battle of Neras.
Ahrea Commanders Renda, Finan, and Trennus are all killed in action – Trennus in a cavalry charge against invading Legion vessels, Renda and Finan were lost after a surprise barrage of Legion artillery. Ahrea Commander Vianen is captured and executed by Field Commander Iresoth.


Battle of Neras

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